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What the heck is ROW?

Welcome to the New Year.

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I've been playing around with the idea of creating a Guild/Clan for a while now. So with the New Year I decided to look at the to do list and see what was at the top of the list.

But, first, I need to get myself settled in.

Since I moved out of my apartment and into my grandfather's house things have been dumped everywhere due to the move, NaNoWrimo, the Holidays and such.

So, after reassembling the computer desk, getting the printer, scanner, monitor, firewire drive and computer chair I decided to cross off the first thing on my to do list for 2006.

Create a Guild/Clan.

Raiders of War is the Guild's Name. It's a Horde Guild on Shadow Moon (PVP Server). I have at least five different characters/classes on that Server and I decided to use my Level 14 Druid as the contact person. His name is Maldieb.

The Goal of the Guild is to have fun and help out new people along with questing, PVP and Alliance ass kicking...once I level up that far of course, heh.

This Guild/Clan will stretch across both Worlds of Warcraft and XBox Live, once a few more people in the inner circle get their hands on their 360s, 'course.

There is no official website except the ROW LJ Community.

Comment on this thread or send me an in game email to join up. The more the merrier...

I'll ask the guys over at V1 Beta to doodle some Guild Icons...
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